Optical Design Technology

     Micro/Nano Master
        Fabrication Technology
      A. E-beam Lithography
FIB Process
. Holographic Lithography
. Photolithogrphy
     Micro/Nano Mold
Fabrication Technology
       A. Metallic Mold Fabrication
          - Electroforming Process
Silicon/Glass Mold            Fabrication
- RIE Process

     Micro/Nano Molding        Technology
      A. Nano-imprinting Process
      B. Nano Releasing Technology
. UV molding Process(I)
- Process

UV molding Process(II)
- Applications

Continuous UV-nano           Imprinting Technology
    G. Micro/Nano Hot-embossing

     Laser Interferometry


Laser Interferometry Technology
▣ Advantages
    - Very high resolution
    - Non-contact and non-destructive measurement of any deformation
Measuring system
    - He-Ne Laser (λ: 632.8nm) / Shutter / Mirror / Beam Splitter / ND filter
      / Spatial Filter / Collimating lens


< Schematics of measuring system >

  Examples of calibration test
   - Out-of-plane deformation (75mm length cantilever)

                < Comparison of deflection theory with experimental results >

    - In-plane deformation (60mm length rubber plate)
                      < Holographic Interferograms from 3 viewpoints >

                           < Comparison of FEA with experimental results >