[ Research Areas ]

   ■ Nanoimprinting

   ■ Confocal Microscopy

   ■ Nano Functional Surfaces

   ■ Ultra Fast Maskless Nanolithography

   ■ Nano-Bio Sensors     




[ Research Capabilities ]


   ■   Optical Design Technology


   ■   Micro/Nano Master
          Fabrication Technology
E-beam Lithography
Holographic Lithography


   ■   Micro/Nano Mold
          Fabrication Technology
Metallic Mold Fabrication


   ■  Micro/Nano Molding          Technology
Nano-imprinting Process
Nano Releasing Technology
UV molding Process
Roll Imprinting

Optical Design Technology

▣ Optical Design for Imaging Solutions
    - Design of optical system to minimize optical aberration and maximize
       the optical resolution by ray tracing    
    - Tolerance design considering environmental parameters such as
       temperature and humidity, and process parameters such as fabrication
       and assembly process


img3.gif    img2.gif
         <Example of lens system>                 <Compact camera module> 

▣ Optical Design for Illuminating Systems
    - Design of optical system by Monte-Carlo ray tracing
    - Parameters such as temperature and humidity must be considered at
       the stage of optical design
    - Process parameters such as fabrication and assembly process can
       affect peformance of optcal system


img3.gif    img4.gif
<Design of lens for top view LED>

▣ Optical Design for Optical Data Storage Device
- Design technology to reduce 3rd order aberrations
     - Tolerance design for manufacturing and environmental parameters



<Optical design for ODD>