Undergraduate internship
(학부 인턴쉽 -과목연계가능)

Graduate Research Assistantship
(대학원 과정 연구원)

Postdoctoral fellowship


 Postdoctoral fellowship

We welcome researchers who are interested in the postdoctoral fellowship program

of the Nano Fabrication and Micro Optics National Research Laboratory .

1. Research Areas

Please refer to Research Projects , Research Capabilities , Publications in our homepage.

2. Annual salary

Please contact professor Shinill Kang(E-mail:snlkang@yonsei.ac.kr)

( Annual salary includes monthly salary, tax, medical insurance, and retirement allowance.)

We welcome your application!

Please contact us.


Professor Shinill Kang, National Research Lab Director

Tel) +82-2-2123-2829

E-mail) snlkang@yonsei.ac.k r