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Postdoctoral Associates

Namseok Lee

-졸업논문 : Replication of Nanopatterns by Nano Replication/Molding and Application to High Density Patterned Media

-Research fields : 
Design and Fabrication of nano-master and nanostamp for nano storage devices
2. Nano replication/ molding technology for nano storage devices
3. Nano-releasing technology for nano replication/ molding process
4. Measurement and evaluation technology of ultra high density data storage

1. Namseok Lee, Jeongwon Han, Jiseok Lim, Minseok Choi, Yoonsung Han, Jongill Hong, Shinill Kang, "Injection Molding of Nanopillars for Perpendicular Patterned Magnetic Media with Metallic Nanostamp," Jpn. J. Appl. Phys., Vol. 47, No. 3A, 2008. 3.

2. Namseok Lee, Sungwoo Choi, and Shinill Kang, "Self-assembled monolyaer as an antiadhesion layer on a nickel nanostamper in the nanoreplication preocess for optoelectronic applications", Applied Physics Letters, Vol.88, pp.073101, 2006. 2.

3. Namseok Lee, Yongkyu Kim and Shinill Kang and Jongill Hong, "Fabrication of metallic nano-stamper and replication of nano-patterned substrate for patterned media " Nanotechnology, Vol.15, Issue.8, pp.901-906, 2004. 6.