Postdoctoral Associates(BK21)

      Ph.D Candidates

      Master Candidates


Ph.D. Candidates
Gyoosuk Kim

Research fields :
  Polymer actuator for artificial muscle

Seongwoo, Choi

Research fields : 
  Nano energy (Fuel cell, Secondary battery),
  Micro/nano fluidics

Jeongwon Han

Research fields :

  Nano imprinting system and process,
  Nano data storage(Patterned media,Near field recording,etc)

Minseok Choi

Research fields : 
  Imaging optics for phone camera module,
  Microoptics for Bio-diagnosis(DNA chip, Protein chip, etc)

Jiseok Lim

Research fields :
  Near field recording system using solid immersion lens,
  Micro condensing element for CMOS/CCD image sensor

Byungwook Kim

Research fields : 
  Nano display (Back light unit for LCD, OLED, Lighting, etc),
  Optical system for imaging application

Sangchul Shin

Research fields :
  NIL(Nano Imprinting Lithography) and Nano-Optics
  Patterned Disk

Hokwan Kim

Research fields :
  Imaging optics for camera module
  Nano display(Back light unit for LCD, OLED, Lighting etc